The laid-back atmosphere of the Boilerman Bar at 25hours Hotel Altes Hafenamt is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy skilfully mixed highballs and long drinks. Jörg Meyer and Rainer Wendt opened the first Boilerman Bar in 2012 in Eppendorf. Highballs are the origin of the bar's name. It was the signal that indicated when train drivers should pick up speed. And the boilerman was the guy who had to stack the furnace to really get the engine going. In the Boilerman Bar, it's the bar staff who get our guests really stoked up with their precisely mixed drinks.

The Boilerman Bar in Eppendorf revolves around whiskey, while its sibling in HafenCity is devoted to rum. A constantly changing selection of sugar cane spirits, special rum highballs and tastings with guests turn the Boilerman Bar into a magnet for local and travelling rum aficionados.