Highballs are the undisputed champions of the drink menu at the Boilerman Bar. Concocted from the finest spirits, they are stirred, not shaken. Quick to make, reasonably sized and served with two ice balls in a chilled glass, highballs are the perfect opportunity to try out a range of flavour combinations. Rum is the speciality of the Boilerman Bar Altes Hafenamt. But spirits like whiskey, gin and tequila are also used in the highballs served here. A highball used to be a signal on American train journeys. If a train was travelling through the station and saw a highball, it meant: You're not on schedule, go faster! The person who had to really step on the gas was the boilerman, i.e. the person who fired up the boiler. In the Boilerman Bar, the bartenders are the boilers and the guests are passengers on a journey to good drinking style.